A guide to help businesses understand the cost of underinsurance

Underinsurance occurs when you have not taken out the right amount of insurance cover for your needs. There will be a variety of factors to take into account when you assess how much insurance you need and if you are not sure you should get advice from a broker or valuation expert because if that amount is wrong it is likely to impact the amount you are paid for any claim you n...
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Guide to the duties and responsibilities of directors

Responsibilities of Directors
  Directors & Officers insurance is designed to support the individuals that work in the company if they should ever face an allegation of wrong doing. This may include a breach of trust, a breach of duty, providing misleading information or wrongful trading. The director or officer of a company has a duty to ensure that the business is run correctly. Some of...
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Legal Liability of Hauliers

Legal Liability for Hauliers
It's Common Law Hauliers are liable for loss or damage to goods at Common Law unless they operate under conditions of carriage or unless a statute applies. Historically there have been "Common Carriers" and "Private Carriers". The common carrier as an institution is almost defunct but still alive as a legal principle. Such a carrier is one who holds himself out as willi...
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