Management Liability

management liability

Regulatory and legal risks are all too common in the Haulage Sector and these risks are growing all the time.

The HSE can shut down your business and charge you for doing so; the DVSA can investigate your drivers; the Traffic Commissioner can revoke your operating licence. Are your drivers working too many hours?  Have any of them been speeding? Are their contracts up to date and legal? What if they’re involved in a fatal accident?
Do you have the funds or the knowledge to defend yourself from such issues as HSE prosecutions, Corporate Manslaughter Claims or Licensing Decisions by the Traffic Commissioner? Can you afford to take valuable time off to attend court or police interviews?

The only way to reduce these risks and make sure your business can survive anything that’s thrown at it is to get the right support before things reach a crisis point.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with AXA and rradar, a new and radically different law firm, to provide advice, guidance, templates and support for you to help you spot problems and deal with them before they become crises.

What's covered?Standard Management Liability coverBenefits

What’s covered?

  • HSE investigations
  • Fees for Intervention
  • DVSA investigations and prosecutions
  • Traffic commissioner investigations and hearings
  • Breach of Contract
  • Defending claims against directors
  • Employment claims

The MLP covers 3 main areas:

  • Legal defence for directors, trustees, partners and officers
  • Defence for the organisation itself
  • Defence against employment tribunal claims

It supports you against:

  • Every regulator
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Regulatory prosecutions
  • Breaches of contract
  • Fees for intervention
  • Employment tribunal and ACAS claims

The AXA MLP gives you:

  • £100,000 of employee theft cover
  • £25,000 of pollution clean-up costs
  • £25,000 of crisis PR support in the event of a sustained social media attack
  • Elements of cyber cover
  • Unlimited access to the rradar Advice Resource Centre
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week crisis line straight to a solicitor at no additional cost

In addition to the various covers, having access to rradar’s advice service can reduce the effect of non-monetary costs such as:

  • Loss of directors’ time
  • Stress and worry for directors and managers
  • Lack of focus on the key business issues due to impending court hearings
  • Brand damage
  • Employee engagement effectiveness

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