About us


ME French & Co is an insurance broker, and whilst we know it’s not the most exciting industry to be in, we do love what we do.

Our dad set up the business in 1970, with the first commercial policy dad provided being for a truck being for a couple hundred pounds.

Richard and I joining the business in our twenties; with the business established in providing insurance for Haulage and Transport firms.

Since dad retired, Richard and I have taken the helm and we’ve been careful to continue the serviced based business dad started all those years ago.

Our goal is to provide insurance that is honest. Solutions that are correct for your business and circumstances, whilst at the same time, trying to educate our clients about insurance.

We offer a fast and reliable service to clients, by making sure the people dealing with clients on a daily basis have all got many years of experience, particularly in the field of haulage.

Over the years the success of our business has allowed us to build up large accounts and personal contacts with all the main insurers who operate in this sector, enabling us to not only offer the most competitive rates for new ventures but to offer a free and comprehensive review of the insurance arrangements of clients presently insured elsewhere.

In most cases, this results in substantial savings on present insurance costs.

Why not have a look at our Insurance Services to see if we can help you, alternatively, have a look at what our clients say.