RHA Conditions

1998 Road Haulage Association (R.H.A.) Conditions

With effect from 1st September 1998 the R.H.A. reissued their standard conditions. The key issues are as follows:

  • Reference to copyright will be prominent as will the membership number
  • Illegal use will enable prosecution
  • The preamble emphasises the customer’s need to insure
  • The number of clauses are reduced
  • The monetary limit is unaltered
  • The definitions are amended
  • The cubic capacity basis is deleted
  • The carrying capacity basis is deleted
  • New exclusions have been added
  • The basis of settlement wording is amended and there is no longer a separate partial loss formula
  • The Customs and Excise indemnity has been amended
  • Time limits for claims have been amended
  • The U.K. Jurisdiction clause has been added.

There are many cosmetic changes to wordings, but the key changes are as follows (click on the title to expand the content):

Clause 5 - Signed Receipts
Clause 8 - Carriers Charges
Clause 9 - Liability for Loss or Damage
Clause 11 - Limitation of Liability
Clause 12 - Indemnity to the Carrier
Clause 13 - Time Limits on Claims
Clause 15 - Unreasonable Detention
Clause 16 - Law and Jurisdiction